3 Super Important Things to Do to Your Home Before You Sell It

3 Super Important Things to Do to Your Home Before You Sell It

Create A Neutral Environment
It is a really great idea to repaint the whole inside of the house (and the outside if it needs it). A fresh coat of paint makes the house look new but when you do so, choose netural colors. Although, your child may love that purple and pink room you painted for her last year, buyers will probably not appreciate it as much. Neutral colors are also the best choice for flooring.

Get Rid Of Your Stuff
The less you have in your house the better. Less stuff will make your home look bigger and thus, more appealing to buyers. Keep your nicest furniture, art pieces and essentials like your refrigerator. However, the 4 extra tvs, 3,000 books, 200 stuffed animals and the life size action figure of Darth Vader in your living room should probably go.

Make The Buyer Comfortable
Even though you are obviously living in the home, you want the buyer to be able to see themselves living there. Put away any personal items such as photos, collectibles, trophies, and diplomas. Clean off the magnets and children's art off the refrigerator. If the buyer sees too many personal items, they won't be able to see themselves moving in.

Contact me if you would like more tips on how to get your home ready to sell.

- Courtesy of Diamondback Realty, www.diamondbackrealty.com


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