4 Tips For Buying Your First Investment Home

If you have ever been interested in buying an investment property, here are 4 things to look for when finding the right house.

Buy a 4 or 5 bedroom house. More people are working from home these days and using one of their bedrooms as an office. The more bedrooms, the more tenants you will have interested in renting your property.

Buy something unique. Every house has a 2 car garage and a yard with some rocks in it. When searching for an investment property, look for a house that has something different like an RV gate,

Buy a property with a swimming pool. This is a big plus for renters. However, if you want the pool to be in good condition when they move it, raise the rent and include pool maintenance as part of the rental package.

Buy a home that is easy to take care of. Find a home that has desert landscaping. Grass dies but rocks don't. Homes with all tile floors are easiest as well. For some reason, carpet always needs to be replaced when the tenant moves out but tile is much more resilient.

Contact me for more ideas on how to find the best investment property for you.

- Courtesy of Diamondback Realty, www.diamondbackrealty.com


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