5 Ways to Make Your Home Clutter Free


5 Ways to Make Your Home Clutter Free

1. Watch an episode of Hoarders. While the people in this reality tv show are the extreme examples of clutter, it always inspires me to clean up so that I don't end up on the show.

2. Scan everything. Becoming a paperless agent is a great way to organize all of your real estate paperwork while at the same time helping the environment. The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires you to store your files for at least 5 years. That can add up to a lot of lost space in your garage.

3. One space at a time. Don't get overwhelmed looking at your whole house. Start with a drawer or a closet. The job will seem possible.

4. Create 4 boxes:
One for stuff to save
One for stuff to sell
One for stuff to throw away
One for stuff to donate
Aim to get the last 2 boxes filled first

5. Clean in 25 Minute Increments; Set your timer for 25 minutes. When the timer beeps, you can stop. If you want to continue go ahead. Again, it won't seem too overwhelming to you if you do a little at a time.

- Courtesy of Diamondback Realty, www.diamondbackrealty.com


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