Three Weird Reasons That Your Home Hasn't Sold

Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Home Might Not Be Selling

What are you paying your agent to sell your house? An equally important question is what has your listing agent agreed to pay the agent who brings the buyer? Why is this important? Let's say as the Seller, you agreed to pay the listing agent 6% of the sales price for selling the house. The assumption is that the listing agent will get 3% and the buyer's agent (or selling agent) will get the other 3%. However, some listing agents may take 4% and only offer 2% to the buyer's agent. Although, it is not right, some buyer's agents will only show houses that offer at least a 3% commission, hence losing you traffic to your home.

Verify with your agent what commission the buyer's agent will receive.

MLS Features
There are literally hundreds of computer codes that your listing agent can enter into the MLS. These codes are searchable by buyer's agents and buyers. However, some listing agents are not computer saavy or they are lazy. The more codes entered in the MLS, the more likely a buyer will find your listing. Of course, these codes have to be accurate - an agent can't say a home has solar panels if it doesn't. There are usually many codes agents miss that could be getting a lot more buyers to your house.

Ask to review the MLS listing and any marketing materials to ensure no important features have been left out.

Bad Pictures
More and more buyers are finding their homes on the internet. Some buyers are even buying the homes sight unseen based on the pictures. Some agents take fabulous pictures. However, some agents could use some help in this area. There are pictures in the MLS of kitchen counters covered with dirty dishes, bedrooms with unmade beds and clothes scattered on the floor, and my favorite, a picture of a toilet (just a toilet not the bathroom) with the seat up.


Check the photos your agent is publishing on the MLS and other internet sites. Also, when you know the agent is coming to take pictures, make sure you home looks model ready.

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